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              Sara Jayne “Dimples” started Tie Dyeing in 2002, as a fun way to earn extra income outside of regular jobs. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that young Sara was only 14 years old, but something about turning the hobby into a job made Tie Dye less appealing and it was frequently put on the backburner. One day in 2010 Sara met a kitten in need of saving and decided to try fundraising with the leftover t-shirts from her early dabbles with artist entrepreneurship. She posted an album on social media of the cat along with pictures of every Tie Dye shirt she had for sale, and offered to deliver the shirts for free around her hometown. The response was huge, and not only did she save the cat, but he got all kinds of extra goodies with the leftover fundraiser cash. This kind of shared success tickled her heart, and she realized THIS was the WHY she needed to find, to push herself to make this business fun and less “Jobby.”

              “Felines Tie Dye For”- the original Dimples Dyes, was born in 2010, in one of the bays of her parents garage. All profits went towards cat-saving efforts, and she even linked up with Forever Home Feline Ranch, a local non-profit cat rescue and sanctuary, to assist with fundraising and volunteer coordination. She began taking Tie Dye sales trips to Hippie shops all over the Midwest, selling wholesale handmade t-shirts out of suitcases by day, and relaxing in campgrounds across America as a solo traveler and tent camper by night.  

            In 2013 she went to her first music festival, where she saw other Tie Dye artists set up under tents selling their artwork. It clicked. She realized that there was a way to be in this environment full time and connect directly with her customers! The idea fueled a fire in her and 9 months later, February 2014 she embarked on her first Music Festival Tour Year, and Dimples Dyes was born! The name had to change because, honestly, no one had a clue what she was saying when she said out loud, “Felines Tie Dye For.”

            That inaugural year, Dimples Dyes Set up at 18 different camping music festivals and found a passion for using her art to connect with all kinds of people all over the country. 2014 was a wild ride learning what works and what doesn’t for operating an outdoor, traveling, clothing boutique, which exists inside a gigantic raging party! You name it, we had it- weather, theft, weather, and shows where patrons just didn’t show up, uneven or soft ground, great floods, 30mph wind and some of the highest staff members ever. She loved this life and all of the excitement anyways, and dedicated all of 2015 to it, vending at 30 full, 4 day camping festivals that second year! Just to see what would happen if she never quit touring. Turns out 30 is a bit much, but it was a good experiment. ;-)

            Fast forward to today, February 2, 2020. Dimples Dyes has grown into a complete Psychedelic Clothing Line. Each piece made one at a time with a right hand and a left hand, high-grade dyes, and a whole lot of love and passion! Dimples sources the absolute best blank apparel to put her original designs on, ensuring a long life of the fabric, so you can wear your favorite Tie Dye Art over and over again for years to come!  These days, Dimples enjoys setting up the booth at between 15 and 18 events per year. Outside of festivals, in her “off time,” she loves traveling and shooting photos in interesting locations for social media, and of course, making new Tie Dyes!! You can access her artworks right here at DimplesDyes.com, no matter where she may be traveling to this week!  Her passion for animal rescue remains strong, and she still saves animals when the opportunity presents itself. Check out the Festival Schedule page to see if we will be bringing Dimples Dyes to an event near you!